Two Projects

Hi Everyone –

As usual, May will be another busy month.  Since we have started our Insect Research Project, we will be taking a break from our Daily 5 and Guided Reading routine.  This project will nicely integrate Reading, Writing, and Science.  Actually, this is a great project also because we will be able to directly integrate technology as well.  In a few weeks — with the help of our Instructional Technology Teacher, Ms. Christ — this insect project will be completed as a PowerPoint Presentation.  Further, as I’m sure your child has shared with you, we are continuing to observe the growth of our mealworms, which we hope by the end of May will turn into Darkling Beetles.

Here are some of the key understandings that will drive this Insect Research Project.  Keep these in mind in the coming weeks as conversation topics with your child:

– Insects have 3 body parts (head, abdomen, and thorax).  Some have wings, antennae, and/or stingers.

– Living things are connected to, and interact with their environment.

– Living things adapt to survive.

Another project your child will soon begin is a Kuwait Project.  In class as we learn about Kuwait’s culture, land, history, etc., your child will choose a topic that interests him or her.  Students will work on this at home, and it is due on Monday, May 21st.  I will send home a form this Sunday discussing it in more detail.

Here are some important dates to know for May:

Thursday, May 10th (Day 0)- Talent Show; Half-Day (dismissal at 11:10)

Thursday, May 31st – 2nd Grade Field Trip

That’s it for now.  Looking forward to another great week!


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