Important Dates

Below are some important dates to know from now until the end of the school year.

Monday, May 21st: Kuwait Project are due.

Thursday, May 24th: Kuwait Feast; Field-Trip permission slips are due. (If you haven’t turned in your slip yet saying what item you will bring to the feast, we need more main courses.  Many have been bringing in desserts.)

Thursday, May 31st: Field Trip to Cosmo Bowling

This is what the last week of school will look like in June.  I am very sorry to those of you I told June 11th would be the last day of school (especially if you’ve already made travel plans).  I failed to mention that Report Cards are to be picked up on Thursday, June 14th.  You and/or your child can pick them up in the classroom between 7:10 and 8:30.  After 8:30, you can pick them up in the elementary school office.  If you or your child is unable to pick up the Report Card on this day, it can be picked up in the office for a week after June 14th (check with the office for exact dates).  June 14th will not be a normal school day, but a chance to pick up the report card and say good-bye.  The busses will still be running on this day.


June 10


June 11


June 12


June 13


June 14


School Day


School Day

No School

for Students

No School

for Students

Pick up Report Cards between 7:10 and 8:30.  After 8:30, pick them up in the office.Bus pick up for students at 8:30.

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