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8 responses to “Contact Info

  1. Nada's mother (Reham)

    Dear mr rongcal,
    I write to you concerning the parents meeting, as we didn’t receive the timing yet, can nada’s appointment be on Wednesday the 16th, at 10.30 or 11 am, as we have her brother’s on Wednesday at 10 am

    • My apologies…I do not handle the scheduling. You will have to contact the elementary school office. But they usually put sibling conferences around the same time. Actually, if you email me tomorrow at my school email, I can ask the secretary about it.

  2. Limin Yin

    Hi,Dear Mr. Rongcal,

    I can not work out with the transportation for going to the school so I cannot come to the school tomorrow.


    Limin (Kelly’ mom)

  3. Limin Yin

    Hi Mr.Rongcal,

    Kelly was sick these past 2 days. Kelly may need to drik more water at school tomorrow.



    • Hi Limin –

      Thanks for letting me know. She seemed okay today, but I could tell her voice sounded a little rough in the afternoon. Hope it gets better by tomorrow.

      -Mr. Rongcal

  4. Limin Yin

    Hi Mr.Rongcal

    This is Kelly.Did you know that Andrew’s cockroache is about to have a egg so thats why it wasin’t moving a lot.Oh and my mom likes the class photos.
    P.S. My made me say this.

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