Core Subjects

Weekly Objectives


– Using non-fiction texts to identify and gather information from glossaries, headings, picture captions, table of contents, and other non-fiction text features.

– Inferencing – Using word clues, picture clues, and our own background knowledge to learn what’s happening in the story.

Example: “The man put on his helmet, leather jacket, and gloves.  Then he opened the garage door.”

Question:  What is that man getting ready to do?

Inference: I think he’s going to ride a motorcycle because people that ride motorcycles usually wear helmets (background knowledge).  And it said he opened the garage (word clues), which is probably where he keeps the motorcycle.

Additional resources/materials: Reading Comprehension Questions (Word Doc)


– Note-taking skills, and turning notes into complete sentences and paragraphs.

– Writing more than one paragraph on a single topic.  Introduction to “indented paragraphs”.

Additional resources/materials: Writing Objectives (Word Doc)High-Frequency Word List


– Unit 11: Whole-Number Operations: addition/subtraction and multiplication/division

Additional resources/materials: EverdayMath Parent Page (website)


– Insect Research Project

– Observations of Darkling Beetle life cycle with (mealworms)

Social Studies

– Kuwait (history, culture, land, etc.)


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