Educational Websites

Reading I used this website with a few of my students last year. It has a very big e-book collection and displays them in levels that are very similar to the one we use at ASK.  You also have the option of hearing the book read to you, recording your voice, and taking a quiz.

There is also (has big collection of printable books and comprehension questions) and

Math, Handwriting, and Phonics Practice

This site is divided by grade level, click on “1st-2nd grade” in the top tool bar.

Math Practice

This site donates rice to the UN World Food Program for correct answers!  To access, click on “subjects” in the top tool bar and then “basic math” for your student to practice.

Language Arts Practice

Book Recommendations

Favorite Books for 2nd Graders:

Language Arts

This site has games, reading activities, mad libs, and more; tons of fun!

Play Scrabble online!

Reading/Language Arts

Links to a variety of sites with reading book list suggestions!

A site with additional booklists organized by topic to find great books to share with your children.

Reading/Language Arts

Computer-read and animated children’s books – a great find!

Books that have been scanned in and are available to read online!

Social Studies

The online site for the National Geographic Young Explorer! magazine, written for lower elementary students.

A website that donates water for each correct response to this free geography quiz!

A news website created for students about American and world news by the news source CNN.  There is lots of current events information; this is a good site to review with your child.

Language Arts

A great site with word searches and flashcards to help students practice language arts skills.


An excellent site with math games, practice, and ideas from the publisher Houghton Mifflin; there’s also a link for parent information on the home page.

FUN math reading suggestions!

Fun math practice for the students!  Enjoy!

And more…  US Government site with great links for finding information and games. Kid information and games on all subjects Practice games for all subjects Practice games for all subjects Math help from grades K-8 Math games and make your own flashcards Math games  Math game Help learning to read with phonics Kids games for all subjects


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