The Daily 5

The Daily 5 (Language/Literacy Activities)

The Daily 5 consists of: 1. Read to Self 2. Read to Someone 3. Listen to Reading 4. Work on Writing 5. Word Work (spelling)

These activities, along with our Guided Reading program will be the basis of our class’s literacy program.

Read to Self



Read to Someone

Work on Writing

Listen to Reading

Word Work

Guided Reading (leveled reading groups)


5 responses to “The Daily 5

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  2. Rana

    Lovely Pictures Mr. Rongcal, thanks!!!!

    Mother of Lama Alibrahim

  3. Glad you like them 🙂 I’m going try to get more pictures up as the school year continues.

  4. anfal

    Awwwww thank u for the great pictures , Bader lookS great while he is writting .
    Baders mom :)))))

  5. Marcella Kulchitsky

    It’s great to see our little ones so engaged in the classroom! Thank you for the images.

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